New church. New ministry. New vision.

We want to be a church on a mission in the Memphis metropolitan area of Cordova; that mission is to reach the Cordova area with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We want to share a new hope for God to bring more life out of death, redemption out of brokenness, healing out of fracture, reconciliation out of hostility.

Being the church.

You're invited to come and share in our story, to become a part of our story at GCC, and to participate in our ministry. Come as you are. Bring your excitement, your fears, your anxieties, and your baggage. Bring your dysfunction and your awkwardness. Bring your problems, pain, and sorrow. Bring your brokenness and your happiness. Your singleness. Your family. Your hope. Your creativity . Because that is who we are, and here no one is turned away. Here, the broken find safety. Here there is room for all.